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Jan 13, 2020

More and more universities are starting programs and other initiatives designed to enhance diversity and inclusion. But can the daily work of running a campus also contribute to this goal? Julie Posselt, associate professor of education at the University of Southern California, talks about her new book, Higher Education Administration for Social Justice and Equity, and how to carry out basic administrative operations with a clear commitment to diversity and equity.


Here are some of the links and references from this week’s show:

From the conversation with Julie Posselt:

Higher Education Administration for Social Justice and Equity: Critical Perspectives for Leadership
Edited by Adrianna Kezar and Julie Posselt

Inside Graduate Admissions: Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping by Julie Posselt

McNair Scholars Program

Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN)

California Consortium for Inclusive Doctoral Education (C-CIDE)

Equity in Science: Representation, Culture, and the Dynamics of Change in Graduate Education by Julie Posselt
Expected publication: September 2020

From post-interview chatter:

Achieving Diversity at the Intersection of STEM Culture and Campus Climate by Kimberly A. Griffin

dotEDU Episode 12: Giving All Learners a Chance with guest John B. King

ACE, Higher Education Groups Comment on Proposed Title IX Rules, Caution That Colleges Are Not Courts
ACE (Jan. 30, 2019)

Renewing the Higher Education Act


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Julie Posselt is associate professor of education at the University of Southern California. She investigates institutionalized inequities in higher education, especially within selective universities, graduate education, and STEM disciplines.