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Feb 17, 2023

In this live episode, hosts Jon Fansmith and Sarah Spreitzer take audience questions on a range of topics, from the Education Department moving quickly on new regulations to the House hearing on the “crisis” in American education to ChatGPT. dotEDU will return on March 9.

Links and references from this week’s show:

House Education Committee Ready to Tackle Short-Term Pell
Inside Higher Ed | Feb. 9, 2023

ACE, Groups Call for Overhaul of the Federal Financial Aid System in Comments on Education Department’s Income-driven Repayment Plans

U.S. Department of Education Launches Review of Prohibition on Incentive Compensation for College Recruiters
Department of Education

The Culture Wars Have Come for American Higher Ed. Again.
dotEDU Episode 82

U.S. Faces Possible Default Between July and September as Deficit Rises
The Washington Post (sub. req.) | Feb. 15, 2023

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund 2021 Annual Performance Report (PDF)
Department of Education (Feb. 2023)

OPINION: I’m a Congressman Who Codes. A.I. Freaks Me Out.
The New York Times (sub. req.) | Jan. 23, 2023