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Aug 12, 2020

As colleges settle into their reopening plans and Congress takes a break from negotiating a relief bill, dotEDU hosts Jon Fansmith, Sarah Spreitzer, and Jon Turk look back on the first year of the podcast and talk about their favorite episodes. They also look ahead to what will happen in a post-COVID higher ed world.

dotEDU is taking a break until September! In the meantime, please go ahead and subscribe to a short podcast series from ACE focused exclusively on reopening college campuses also from the American Council on Education. You can find it at or search “American Council on Education” on your podcast app.


Here are some of the links and references from this week’s show:

ACE's Pulse Point Surveys

Episode 19: A College at the Crossroads of COVID-19 and DACA

Episode 18: Higher Education in the Time of COVID-19

Episode 15: College Admissions Under the Microscope

Episode 14: Community Colleges Bring Dreams Within Reach

Episode 12: Giving All Learners a Chance


Each episode of dotEDU presents a deep dive into a major issue impacting college campuses and students across the country. Hosts from ACE are joined by guest experts to lead you through thought-provoking conversations on topics such as campus free speech, diversity in admissions, college costs and affordability, and more. Find all episodes of the podcast at the dotEDU page.

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Jon Fansmith is a director of government relations at ACE .He represents ACE and its members on matters related to the federal budget and appropriations process, with a particular focus on student aid.

Sarah Spreitzer is a director of government relations at ACE. She represents ACE and its members on matters related to research policy and funding, federal policy, international students, immigration, and legislative issues.

Jon Turk is the associate director for research at ACE. In this role, he conducts original research on a number of topics, including student success and completion, organizational change, and higher education policy.