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Jun 1, 2020

As we enter the unofficial start of summer, all eyes are on if and when colleges and universities will welcome students back to campus this fall. President Terry Hartle joins co-hosts Jon Fansmith and Sarah Spreitzer to discuss what higher education institutions need to support reopening and how Congress can help.


House Approves 5th Emergency Covid-19 Spending Bill With $100 Billion for Education

College and University Presidents Respond to Covid-19: May 2020 Survey

Letter in Support for Creation of a New Facility for Nonprofits With the Main Street Lending Facility

COVID-19 Policy
Learn more about the higher education association effort to urge Congress and the administration to craft a comprehensive response that addresses the challenges students and campuses are facing.


Each episode of dotEDU presents a deep dive into a major issue impacting college campuses and students across the country. Hosts from ACE are joined by guest experts to lead you through thought-provoking conversations on topics such as campus free speech, diversity in admissions, college costs and affordability, and more. Find all episodes of the podcast at the dotEDU page.

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Jon Fansmith is a director for government relations at ACE. He represents its members on matters related to the federal budget and appropriations process, with a particular focus on student aid.

Sarah Spreitzer is a director for government relations at ACE. She represents its members on matters related to research policy and funding, federal policy, international students, immigration, and legislative issues.