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May 4, 2020

More states are considering broad-based college aid programs, an idea that was sparked some 75 years ago with the GI Bill. Hosts Jon Turk and Sarah Spreitzer talk with College Promise CEO Martha Kanter about the future of college promise programs nationwide, particularly in light of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on higher education.


Here are some of the links and references from this week’s show:

COVID-19 Policy Developments

ACE Launches COVID-19 Pulse Point Survey Series

The College Promise Movement: Free Community College Equals Paid for and Sustainable
by Martha Kanter
Community College Journal

Free College: Can Washington Keep That Promise During a Recession?
The Seattle Times | April 30, 2020

Catalogue of Local and State College Promise Programs

Evaluating the Return on Investment in Higher Education
Urban Institute

The Kalamazoo Promise

Tennessee Promise


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Jon Turk is the associate director for research at ACE. He conducts original research on a number of topics, including student success and completion, organizational change, and higher education policy.

Sarah Spreitzer is a director for government relations at ACE. She represents its members on matters related to research policy and funding, federal policy, international students, immigration, and legislative issues.